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It’s time to tackle the most difficult aspect of full-time travel: generating money. When you examine any of these alternatives, remember this harsh reality: if you have no expertise in any of the industries mentioned below, you should not expect to earn a six-figure income. Even if you do have expertise, don’t anticipate a six-figure pay.

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The digital nomad lifestyle necessitates the ability to travel full-time while also requiring proper cost management. After all, assuming you don’t want to work until you die, you still need to have enough funds to satisfy your own personal financial objectives for retirement.

Remote work is work that can be done from anywhere. It normally doesn’t pay as well for beginners, but if you supplement your money with other sources, you can make just enough to cover your trips.

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Take note: most full-time travelers work numerous jobs to supplement their income.

  • Lindsay McKenzie of, for example, is a blogger, consultant, freelance writer, and virtual assistant all at the same time.
  • Then there’s travel blogger Alex Reynolds of, who performs graphic design, web development on the side, and runs a blog to make ends meet.
  • You’ll have to diversify if you want to support full-time travel like our comrades here – but keep in mind that handling many projects at once might be much more taxing than a full-time work!

Consider online freelancing

Online freelancing is arguably the most common choice for individuals asking how to travel while working full-time. Someone will always need the services of a website designer, travel writer, or content editor.

Flexjobs and other freelance sites offer troves of remote employment options for full-time travelers. The sole prerequisite for most projects is a demonstrated proficiency in a certain field.

Newcomer without credentials or a track record may struggle to get their first project, but if they take on a few assignments and receive favorable feedback from customers, obtaining a regular stream of business becomes simpler.

The following are some of the most popular projects in freelance marketplaces:

  • Writing
  • Translation
  • Editing
  • Content Writing
  • Web design
  • Data entry
  • Editing photos
  • Editing writing

Work as a Travel Blogger

It should come as no surprise that the majority of full-time travelers are also travel bloggers. Touring the globe enables you to create a plethora of material that travel-obsessed readers will appreciate.

In a nutshell, travel blogging is the act of exploring the globe and then writing about it on a blog.

The best places to visit or news about well-known tourist attractions may also be found on a range of different travel blogs. Any of these blogs may provide you with firsthand information about a place.

Consider blogging and photographing your adventure, and then follow the best practices for creating a travel website. You must approach it like a business, which means that your travel blog is your work and profession.

If you have the correct concentration and commitment, travel writing may be successful. But it’s not easy. Depending on the niche of your travel blog, your blog revenue will be quite flexible.

If you concentrate on seasonal places, you will experience high and low traffic seasons. Affiliate marketing, pay-per-click advertisements, display ads using Ezoic, and sponsored articles are all options to monetise your site.

As you develop your travel blog, you can utilize it to earn free travel by collaborating with hotels, tourist boards, and other companies all around the globe.

Not much money, but the reader’s needs should be your first focus. Your blog’s revenue will be determined by fascinating partnerships, which are often related to which of your articles are read and visited by a large number of netizens.

Get a job as a translator.

Although polyglots and masters of their native language may find various assignments in freelancing markets, temporary work can also be found offline.

Native English speakers might look for temporary work possibilities at schools.

Taking a TEFL course may improve your job prospects.

Check with the Alliance Francaise to see if they have any initiatives for you if you speak French.

German-speaking visitors might ask about possibilities at the local Goethe Institute. You might also look for translation positions in libraries and universities.

Outside of freelancing markets, there are various independent websites where you may work as a translation, such as Verbling, Speakt, and Unbabel.

Disseminate Your Expertise

Being a tutor may provide a nice livelihood, particularly if you’re extremely skilled at what you do.

Here are several possibilities:

Teach people how to play an instrument: Teaching others how to play an instrument is a terrific way to generate money on the road.

LessonFace and other similar websites employ online teachers for a variety of musical instruments such as guitar, violin, piano, horn, and even voice.

Do you know how to teach a subject?

TutorMe employs math tutors as well as tutors for other topics such as physics, biology, calculus, chemistry, geometry, and accounting.

Or do you wish to teach English in another country? To begin teaching English in an international location, you may simply locate English tutor jobs on Preply or FlexJobs.

Become a consultant: Companies may be eager to employ you if you specialize in a certain industry.

Join Flexjobs and connect with customers searching for professionals!

Build a course: The key to full-time travel is to make money from your abilities.

You may publish your course on a website like Udemy, one of the major markets for online courses, whether it is in text or video format.

Work at a Guesthouse Part-Time

Since hostel owners are more open-minded about employment than hotels, the hostel you’re staying at might be a terrific source of jobs.

Volunteer to teach yoga, arrange events, provide massages, clean, or prepare food.

Negotiate a work-for-free contract with the owner, or follow the standard method and negotiate remuneration.

Sell Your Photographs

Do you photograph travel?

Selling your images on websites like Etsy, Shutterstock, and 500px is one of the finest ways to travel full-time and generate money.

These sites take a percentage of your revenue, but they’re an excellent method to generate passive money.

If you like writing travel blogs, you may also make money online by combining your trip pictures with your website. Even one excellent article with excellent graphics may set you up for many years!

Begin busking

Are you skilled in any kind of performance art? Busking is a terrific method to make additional money if you can sing, dance, or play the violin, guitar, or piano.

Nevertheless, before you begin, be certain that you are not in violation of any local regulations.

Dog Sit

Visitors who have a natural affection for animals may be interested in cat or dog sitting. While traveling, this strategy is a great way to save money on hotel expenses. Not only do you get to stay for free all over the globe, but you also get to care for adorable animoos while you’re at it.

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Join up for services like Rover to connect with other dog owners. Meowtel is an excellent resource for anyone wishing to cat sit or find kitty sitters.

Search for Full-Time Remote Positions.

Do you want to know how to travel while working full-time? SolidGigs often offers and distributes a range of full-time job opportunities from various firms searching for virtual assistants, account executives, social media copywriters, and other similar positions right to your inbox.

Because of the epidemic, the opportunity to work remotely is significantly more frequent now than in the past – and it’s likely to continue that way!

Internet Product Sales

You may earn money selling things online by selling them on your own website or via a marketplace such as Amazon. You’ll need a nice camera, which you may use to photograph the objects you wish to sell.

We propose eBay as your preferred platform since it is a well-established marketplace with a big community of sellers and customers, making it simpler to locate consumers interested in your items.

If you already have a shop, you can utilize Amazon or Shopify (or just want to avoid the hassle of setting up an account).

Do Market Research and Surveys

Depending on the kind of job you want to perform, you may be able to discover survey firms that will pay you to conduct online surveys or answer research questions about your hobbies or interests. These firms are wonderful since they have flexible hours (many are open 24 hours a day).

These firms will pay you to share your thoughts on items, services, and companies that interest you (which could be anything from makeup brands to restaurants).

Even though your earnings are far smaller than those of a travel blogger, this kind of business may enable you to accumulate enough money to meet your basic necessities, or at the very least purchase drinks on Friday.

Publish an e-book

There is a really easy method to travel full-time and generate money: write an ebook. Ebooks are a terrific method for folks to supplement their income, and they’re even better if you can do home sitting or pet care while traveling.

The greatest thing is that it is simple! All you need is an idea, access to the internet, and some free software (such as Microsoft Word) to get started!

You may write about anything that interests you and publish it online, from self-help suggestions to how-to manuals. After your ebook is released, there are several methods for people to locate and read it—Amazon now has some fantastic distribution options available!

Establish Yourself as an Influencer

Influencer marketing is a terrific approach to earn money by sharing your knowledge with the rest of the world. Influencers provide visibility for your content as well as financial compensation from marketers ready to pay for it. You may earn money by selling your own items or advertising the products and services of others.

Influencer marketing is classified into two types: paid and earned. Paid influencers are compensated for their efforts, while earned influencers do not demand a fee for their services (but may accept payment in the form of a product or service).

This method of being a digital nomad includes sponsorships and collaborations with various firms that can pay in cash or with merchandise, allowing an influencer to afford to travel.

Stock Option Trading

Do you have any stock market experience? Day trading may be done from anywhere in the globe, and it is even possible to earn a life doing it.

Another way to make money online and while traveling is to invest in the stock market. If you know what you’re doing and have some extra cash, you may earn a lot of money quickly.

The greater the rate of return, the riskier the investment. If you’re ready to put in the time and effort, it might be well worth the risk – perhaps even enough to cover your trip expenses.

If you’re very excellent, you could even find yourself debt-free or able to pay for your next vacation!

Vlogging or Video Blogging

Join the video blogging craze on YouTube by creating lesson videos for your audience – or simply videos of anything you like, millions of people watch.

What do you do for a living? Another idea is to include videos into your travel blog, if you have one.

After you have a dedicated and active following, you will be able to begin partnering with companies who are prepared to pay in return for having their product discussed or reviewed by you.

The bulk of a YouTuber’s earnings is generated through adverts that show on their channels. The amount of times an ad is clicked on influences how much money an advertiser receives.

Affiliate Marketing

This strategy may easily earn money for travel bloggers. Businesses often seek blogs where their goods and services may be advertised, as well as blogs where their products or services are referenced and promoted.

Hotels, resorts, and casinos have been known to compensate bloggers in return for a positive rating on their blogs. If you’ve paid attention, you’ll notice that most vlogs and travel articles promote at least one product or service. There is a strong chance you will be paid for this.

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