Since 2012, I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) has sold low-cost, high-quality, and readily available marijuana seeds.

ILGM began as a passion project for a long-time Dutch farmer, Robert Bergman.

Bergman wants to share his expertise of marijuana cultivation with others.

Bergman soon expanded and collaborated with seed producers to offer his readers with access to the greatest marijuana seeds he could discover.

ILGM is currently larger than ever, and it is one of the most popular internet sources for marijuana seeds and expertise.

Are they still as excellent as they were in their early days?

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What distinguishes I Love Growing Marijuana from their competitors?
ILGM distinguishes itself from other reputable seed banks for four reasons:

Safe Payment Options Knowledge Base Free Shipping

Hardly every company began as a knowledge centre, which is why ILGM has such a large online following.

Several seed banks do not provide the necessary information to improve your growing experience.

The free delivery across Europe and the United States is also beneficial, since many of us like filling our online shopping carts but abandon them when foreign shipping prices kick in.

Fill up your cart and get free delivery!

ILGM also offers a variety of safe payment solutions that operate regardless of your financial situation. They even take cash.

What makes I Love Growing Marijuana a market leader?

In only six years, ILGM has risen to prominence as a worldwide leader in the marijuana seed business.

They are also a well-known resource for marijuana growing how-to tutorials and community sharing.

They now have over 500 articles accessible for free.

They also provide 25 free printable grow guidelines.

If you’re seeking for seeds, they now have over 30 strains available, including indica and sativa, hybrids, feminised, autoflowering, and mix packs.

There’s a reason they get over 35,000 visits every day.

What Kinds of Seeds Do They Have?

Another reason ILGM is a great resource for marijuana producers is the sheer quantity of strains they have.

They cater to both recreational growers searching for strong THC strains and medicinal farmers looking for medically proven strains.

When it comes to seed varieties, the world is your oyster when it comes to indica, sativa, cannabidiol (CBD), and mixer packs.

One of their best-selling items is their mixer packs, which provide the at-home grower with some diversity in their operation.

They are one of the few seed providers that curates marijuana farmer mixing packets.

I Like Growing Marijuana simplifies the process with complete kits.

Whether you’re new to growing marijuana or just want to save time, ILGM sells comprehensive kits that include everything you need to get your mini-grow up and running.

Each bundle includes 20 seeds of one of the most popular strains, such as White Widow and Cheese.

You may also choose between high yield and high THC.

Each package includes a bundle of fertilisers and boosters for your new grow operation, in addition to a fantastic discount on seeds.

The fertiliser package will take your seedlings from germination through harvest.

The nutrients are carefully matched to the seeds and are packaged separately to prevent the possibility of confiscation when transported internationally.

This was one of our favourite features of when researching for this review.

What about their payment alternatives?

Buying marijuana-related items on the internet is fraught with danger.

That could not even be legal depending on where you reside.

ILGM realises that not everyone wants to use their credit card to purchase weed seeds.

As a result, ILGM accepts five different payment methods:

  • Bitcoin
  • Credit Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • Bank Deposit
  • Cash

Indeed, they will accept money-stuffed envelopes sent over the mail.

If you choose to pay with bitcoin, you will also get a discount.

What are their prices in comparison to other seed banks?

As compared to other prominent seed suppliers on the market, ILGM is inexpensive, particularly when considering the quality.

Indeed, there are cheaper seed businesses out there, but customer service and seed quality suffer as a result.

ILGM is not a cheap alternative, however they consistently provide constant quality and excellent assistance.

Moreover, ILGM provides free delivery, making them one of the most economical seed banks available.

It becomes even better if you take advantage of their mixer packs and entire kits.

Do they provide useful resources to their customers?

ILGM is a great and in-depth internet resource for all things cannabis production, even though it does not sell seeds.

Whether you need precise growing instructions for a particular strain or extensive fertiliser advice, ILGM has it.

Bergman, the founder, is responsible for their emphasis on free information.

Bergman, who is based in Amsterdam, has spent decades refining the art of cannabis growing.

He has been publishing his experiences and information online for the world to utilise since 2012.

The Bible of “I Love Cultivating Marijuana”

The recently released “I Love Growing Marijuana Bible” demonstrates the devotion to open-source marijuana growing knowledge.

This free, printable PDF book walks a producer through all stages of marijuana cultivation, from seed to sale.

Start here if you’ve never cultivated marijuana before.

Discover how to construct a grow room, what nutrients to feed your plants, and how to recognise common illnesses.

It is a terrific resource that is completely free if you join up for their email.

Extra Video Strain Reviews – I Enjoy Growing Marijuana

Seeing someone else try a strain is the next best thing to trying it yourself.

ILGM has started releasing strain reviews for each of its seeds.

These short, informative videos explain all you need to know about the strain, from the flavour to the benefits.

The video strain evaluations let you decide before you buy in 30 seconds or less.

Don’t Forget to Join the Community Forum!

Cultivating marijuana offers numerous advantages, but one of the most significant is the opportunity to join a large online community of other producers.

Internet forums, such as the one on ILGM, assist growers in troubleshooting, swapping battle tales, and sharing their findings.

Growers often enhance their technique via community-based learning.

The ILGM community forum is very beneficial to beginning growers.

Take a deep dive into the community forums before planting your own seedlings.

You never know what tips you’ll get.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Purchasing From I Love Growing Marijuana?

However, shipping marijuana seeds across the United States and many other parts of the globe is still prohibited.

Among of the most common complaints levelled against all seed providers are that some customers’ orders simply do not arrive.

Federal customs officials may seize your parcel, or the postal service may be held liable for its loss.

Missing orders account for the majority of customer care complaints for all seed firms, however this may not be the seed shop’s complete responsibility.

Every client who has not received their seed purchase from ILGM is entitled to free replacements.

For help, contact their customer care department.

Review of

Whether you want to purchase cannabis seeds or learn how to produce cannabis online, ILGM is one of the greatest tools available.

In fact, we suggest them to anybody who would listen!

Purchasing cannabis seeds online might be intimidating.

They are pricey, and you are hoping that you will get what you requested.

You may feel safe if you select

Have you already purchased seeds from them?

We’d love to hear how your thoughts vary from ours in the comments area below, although we assume you all like them as much as we do.

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