What is Hotboxing

Hotboxing is a popular stoner hobby that may be turned into a creative experience. To hotbox, you must locate a tiny, enclosed space to smoke in, such as a restroom or automobile. The idea behind hotboxing is to smoke marijuana in an enclosed room and then exhale to be surrounded by smoke that will medicate you even more. It remains to be seen if you go higher or not, but being surrounded by smoke will undoubtedly make you more impaired. When you inhale smoke that has previously been smoked, the active components may be gone, but the CO2 remains and allows you to have pleasure.

Let’s skip the nonsense and I’ll tell you how much I adore hotboxing. When I smoke in the bathroom with a bunch of my buddies, I get the finest hotboxing experiences. We’d bring in speakers to play music and a little laser light device that would look amazing with smoke filling the area. We’d bring the blunts in and start blazing. The environment was really relaxed, and I thoroughly loved it each time.

Hotbox the Universe

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