What is Charas

Charas is a herbal concentration that originated in India/Himalayas and has now moved to Pakistan and Afghanistan. It’s created from fresh cannabis buds. Malana, a North Indian hamlet, is considered to have the finest charas. Charas is a significant economic force in rural Indian economies. Although it is officially illegal to possess cannabis products, government enforcement on users is quite slack, resulting in a significant quantity of cannabis production in the highlands. Normally, these farms are maintained away from roads and sight, making it impossible for law authorities to approach them.

Typically, you pluck charas a few weeks before a marijuana bud is ready to be smoked alone. As soon as you choose the bud, begin removing a couple of the leaves while keeping a section of the stem intact. Rub the bud in your palm and see how the plant’s resin and oil adhere to your hand. Press hard on the oils with your thumb to make them cling to your thumb, resulting in a hash blob on your thumb. Do this until your bud stops secreting oils on your hand. Place your charas in a chillum and start smoking.

Charas is becoming more popular in Amsterdam Coffee Shops, although it has yet to be available in dispensaries throughout the United States. It’s incredibly simple to create, and if you produce your own marijuana, you should absolutely give it a go.

To understand further information, watch Strain Hunters: India Mission. It is a one-hour documentary that shows the significance of Charas in Indian culture as well as the finest procedures for growing and producing the final product.

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