How to Clean a Weed Pipe

Have you ever wondered how to clean your glass properly? In my own marijuana smoking experience, I’ve heard anything from hot water to eye contact remedies. If you’ve attempted any of these approaches, you’ve probably gotten a cleaner piece than you began with, but now I’m going to teach the very best way to get rid of all the resin and buildup.


  • -A filthy bit
  • -zipped bag
  • -Salt of Epsom (found at your local pharmacy)
  • Rubbing Alcohol 91% (found at your local pharmacy)
  • -q-tips -running water in a sink
  • Step 1) Run the filthy glass piece briefly under hot water to release the resin.
  • Step 2) Put the item in a Ziploc bag and immerse it in rubbing alcohol until thoroughly saturated.
  • Step 3) Seal the bag and begin shaking it vigorously.
  • Step 4) The rubbing alcohol should be dark brown at this time. Empty off the rubbing alcohol and refill the bag with rubbing alcohol, thoroughly drowning the glass pipe this time.
  • Step 5) Pour in a generous quantity of Epsom salt. Seal the bag and shake vigorously. The combination will pull the resin from the piece’s sides.
  • Step 6) Drain the mixture and thoroughly rinse the bowl. Run water through it to ensure there are no remnants of buildup, salt, or alcohol. When you catch a whiff of the alcohol/resin mix, you’ll understand what I mean when I say that nobody wins if you don’t totally rinse it out.
  • Step 7) To clean more thoroughly, use q-tips to gently scrape away any excess glue visible through the apertures. This is entirely dependent on the form of your bowl and your level of perfection.

Take note that the methods for making a bong are fairly similar. Just combine the vodka and Epsom salt in a Ziploc bag and pour it into the bong. Shake the bong hard with your palm and finger covering all apertures and watch your bong become crystal clean.

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