Breeze Pro

Disposable vapes have grown rapidly in popularity in the United States during the last three years. Several well-known brands have previously been evaluated, including Puffbar, Hyde, and Airbar. Today, we’ll take a look at one of the most popular, the Breeze pro flavors disposable vape. Continue reading for more details.

  • Vape Disposal Specs
  • 6ml e-juice capacity
  • Count: 2000 puffs
  • Nicotine dosage: 50mg
  • 1000mAh battery capacity

Breeze Pro Flavors

Anejo, Banana Mint, Blueberry Banana, Blueberry Mint, Blueberry Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, Bubble Gum Freeze, Cherry Cola, Cherry Lemon, Grape Soda, Gum Mint, Lemon Mint, Lush Ice, Mint, Orange Mango Watermelon, Pina, Colada, Pom Berry Mint, Pumpkin Spice, Raspberry Lemon, Strawberry Peach Mint, Strawberry Cream are among the 25 flavours available for the Breeze pro disposable vape
StrawKiwi, StrawMelon, Tropical Summer, and Vanilla Tobacco are some of the breeze vape flavors available.

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Design & Construction Quality

Breeze pro disposable vape comes in a clear crystal retail container, so you can see the product from the outside. The crystal package shell is covered with an envelope that contains information such as the product name, flavour name, and warning text.

When the retail packaging is opened, the breeze pro has the same size and look as the Voopoo Vinci pod. Nevertheless, the body of the breeze pro is largely black, and there are two stickers on each sides with the BREEZE logo and the flavour name. The colours of the stickers vary depending on the taste; I received Vanilla Tobacco and Blue Raspberry.

The breeze pro has a flat mouthpiece, which is my favourite type since it fits your lips extremely nicely. Also, the proportion between the mouthpiece and the main body is excellent, giving the breeze pro a sleek and robust appearance. The body shell seems to be constructed of a high-quality plastic material that is smooth to handle, however, I’m not sure whether the mouthpiece is made of food-grade PCTG.


Regarding performance, as stated above, the breeze pro has a built-in 1000mAh battery and is prefilled with 6ml E-juice capacity; nevertheless, it does not offer recharging or customizable airflow. Throughout my testing, I was quite pleased with the excellent taste and leakage-proof capabilities. The throat punch from all tastes is very powerful and smooth, satisfying my nicotine cravings even though I am a heavy smoker.

While smoking the taste of Blue Raspberry, it smells fantastic, exactly like eating blue raspberry fruit all the time. What impresses me is that there was no burned flavour or leaking once the battery expired.

Life of the Batteries

To test the battery capacity of the Breeze pro disposable pod, I disassembled the device and discovered the term 1000mAh written on the battery. This is fantastic since not all vape manufacturers on the market utilise genuine battery capacity. I believe the lack of burned flavour is due to the fact that the battery died before the E-juice ran out.

What is the total number of hits for a Breeze Pro?

The number of hits a breeze pro has varies according to vaping habits. If you vape for roughly 2 seconds every hit, the E-juice will be consumed swiftly and should last about 1500 hits in total. If you vape for more than 3 seconds every puff, it should last between 1800 and 2000 hits.

How Do I Recharge My Breeze Pro Disposable Vaporizer?

As previously stated, it has a 1000mAh battery capacity. It does not, however, have a charging port, a Micro USB port, or a USB-C port. Yet, we can still recharge it in another method; if you are interested in recharging your breeze pro vape, please see the article How to recharge disposable pod.

Advantages and disadvantages

Breeze Pros

  • -A pleasant mouthpiece
  • -A stylish and sturdy design
  • -Flavors that satisfy and a throat hit


  • -Appears to be made of plastic


Breeze Pro is a popular disposable vape in the United States. It has a 6ml E-juice capacity, a built-in 1000mAh battery, and can last around 1800 puffs. You will not encounter any burned taste or E-juice leakage from beginning to finish with over 25 amazing tastes. If you found this review useful, please share it with your vaping friends.

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